The Table 03


“Certainly, like Don, 12 Oz Mouse, or Ozmo as we should probably call him, wishes he were drunk. Or drunker. “It felt good to be alone” — Peanut and Golden Joe leave the company of Ozmo and his real best bud Skillet. They are alone again in their dual oneness. “He decided to piss” — here we have Ozmo pausing to watch a bug burrow backwards into the sand. Then green liquid *shoots* up as he stares into the resulting hole. This is pissing *upwards* but green instead of yellow. Thus the concept Greenup (yellow down). This is from Ozmo (!)”


Corr. ect. er.


And it’s a natural place to pause and recue. Like Ozmo himself is pausing. Or Don, I mean. In the song.

Hucka D.:

I have to go to bed soon. How long will this last?


I have to go visit an ogre.


Point is, the song matches the stuff on the video *too closely*. Then the battle between the 4th Angle and Ozmo and Skillet is like the *lead* stares of the people at the party Don just left. Lead is like bullets — filled full of lead and so on.

Hucka D.:

I am being led to the bed. How about you Carrcassonnee?


Craaa-zy! (both leave)


And then we are back at the beginning. The bluebird shows up but we do not know it is the bluebird yet. But then: beginning. Ozmo shows up at Shark’s office. Wants a job but then realizes he’s already hired. The job turns out to be the same as Maria von Trapp’s in The Sound of Music: tending to 7 rambunctious children who are also stand-ins for musical notes. (checking): Still alone. Don Mouse turns into Maria[ in 2008].

Steins Revisited (2007)

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