Boos Interpretation 13


Well, what we can see immediately is the bookend type framework provided by normally colored Fitz on the left side, and inverse colored Fitz — or at least his torso and his beer — on the right side. This reminds us of the pillars Boaz and Jachin guarding the entrance to the Temple of Solomon in Biblical times.


And, of course, this ties into the yin-yang symbols again. But the inverted Fitz to the right is partially replaced, like a bionic entity, by parts of a normally colored Lisa Simpson or Lisa The Vegetarian as I call her here more commonly, mainly most of her head a little bit of her body. This exchange seems important, since Lisa, when taking a foothold in the Boos series with this collage in her true cartoon form, sticks around to appear in many of the remaining works that wrap it up. We’ve seen Fitz before, starting in collage 06 — in Nautilus City with a meteor flying toward his head — and continuing in collage 14 — head pulverized by meteor in Tungaske. Here he is sans meteor, and leans over to stare at a hole in the ground. This particular image involving Fitz the Mouse was used in several other pre-Boos collages of mine, including the fully animated tetraptych that ended the last series in May (Stonethrow). In fact, the hole appears at the very center of this large collage, perhaps the most complicated I have created so far.


So the hole, and Fitz along with it, represents *center*. But in “I Must Be Going. Hello!” the hole is pushed to one side as far as you can get. Here the leaning-in motion of examining Fitz is emphasized by the position of characters to his right (Peanut and Insanoflex). What is in the hole? We know it is yet another paradox, which sometimes goes by the name of Greenup/yellow down.


The bug goes down as Don tries to piss (down). *Freeze* the (12 Oz Mouse) DVD, then unpause as the green liquid erupts *up* from the ground as the narrator for Don Aman says “it finally came” — the yellow piss erupts *down*. This the concept of Greenup/Yellow Down, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Indeed it is. Or was.

In looking at it closer, I think the relationship of the 2 Fitz’s and Lisa represents another flipping, like we had between collages 9 and 10 but in one picture this time. The Boos collage series is staking another claim to its own identity, building upon a base resonance of Tungaske. Greenup/Yellow Down is a concept that is moved into the past and away from the present center, and, in resonance with collage 11, little front-and-center Hucka D. seems to be putting his stamp of approval on this idea. Boos is setting itself apart from previous series like Stonethwaite, like Falmouth and all the others. And it is doing so through Lisa. Let’s see where this takes us…

*And* I’ve just redesigned this collage by moving the right side directly against Fitz’s bottle, which makes Fitz a true framer for the Hucka D. doll now at the actual epicenter of all this. I rest my case.


(to be continued)

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