Boos Interpretation 18

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What’s outside the rectangles with the green entities, then? First, let me emphasis or reiterate that the reasons behind The Flintstone’s Great Gazoo being brought into the present collage are not just because he’s green like Ray Walston’s similarly green clad Martian character or actually green like the Incredible Hulk, although that’s obviously the main surface tie-in between the 3 framed images. No, this is more Tungaske magic in action here, explained in a post from about a month ago called “Town Oddities”. I won’t repeat the information except to state that the Tungaske woman in the photo is also green clad, has the implications of worm *helmet* — accidental in the photo, it seems — and that she shares other characteristics with the live action Gazoo character. It was very natural, given this background, for me as a collagist to transpose the large silver fish from “gloved green helmeted short plump smiling fisher-woman” to “gloved green helmeted short plump smiling Gazoo” and go from there.


Looking at stuff outside the inserted rectangles now, we have the return of 12 Oz Mouse’s Fitz in the center of “Goodwater Goodland 03”, drinking his beer once more. He’s always got at least one or two stashed away somewhere on or around his body in the series, it seems, and can whip it out at any time. Witness this:

Fitz obviously is associated with the other green beings in the collage, starting with the Great Gazoo as explained before in “Boos Interpretation 17” and working out from there. Gazoo’s silver fish can also be seen as booze — two imbibers, then. As far as the Martian and Ray Walston go, we must keep in mind that Tungaske inexplicably has a large Martian crater named after it. And for (Bill) Bixby and The Hulk we must remember that Iron County Missouri, which contains both a Bixby and a Banner (about 15 miles apart), also has an even closer Goodwater and Goodland between them. Bill *Bixby* starred as David “Bruce” *Banner* in The Incredible Hulk show to follow up on his co-starring role in the earlier “My Favorite Martian”. The proximity of Goodwater to Goodland here (also framed by the north and south county lines of Iron) led me directly to Tungaske and this landmark, 611 page history book on the community…


We have a complex interweave of collaged associations building upon clues from maps, TV and film sources, books, photos, Second Life, and more — leading up to “Goodwater Goodland 03”. And we have these actual names culled from an Iron County map in the present collage (bordering the “My Favorite Martian” insert), just like in the former two collages of the set.

Back to Fitz and the center of the collage: Behind the green mouse is the composite Tungaske and Tungaske Cemetery signs we’ve seen in “I Must Be Going. Hello!”, which stand for a town in danger of dying out, leaving only the dead to rule. Behind it is what appears to be a sunset or sunrise, but is actually the top of Lisa Simpson’s cartoon sun-like head. If it is sunset, this could be despair. If it is sunrise: hope. We are going to assume this is a hopeful situation for Tungaske, and that the town and its cemetery will not become “as one” here, since Lisa Simpson keeps appearing in Boos collages to come. She is the ordained savior artist.

(to be continued)

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