Collagesity 12/14/15

I’ve moved Tower Central slightly to the north to make room for…


… The Grove.


Grave of the Unregistered Voter on the edge of The Grove.


Awaiting a speaker. Lord Mayor, Lord Mayor!


The Bakers assemble.


Also I’ve decided to reinsert the World of Collages building in the northwest corner of the village. This replaces the Small Castle and a residential house. Shame, but there’s only so much room here. I haven’t finished the interior.


And I don’t think I’ve said that the Toxic Art Gallery with its 80 of the 100 “Art 10×10” collages has also returned. And that’s Baker Bloch’s House Orange below it, which appears to be his new home.


And then, moving across the stream, Collagesity’s Boos Gallery is essentially done (!)


I’ll create a new map of the town asap. I’m about at my limit with the prims.

Almost forgot to mention the library.



And I believe the former House of Truth might become the town museum.


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