Collagesity 12/15/15

The “World of Collage” gallery is now finished in its initial stage.

Added vegetation all around the town’s circular and partially buried rr. Only 1 prim. Thanks Aley!


Then I’m experimenting around with changing out the Town Hall with the old Collagesity Diner, which would double as a museum. At the same time I started filling in the bottom of Castle Jack with mainly flat figures…


… but I’m thinking now that the *castle* may instead be the town museum, and so the town hall might reappear. And I believe I have a sign. I think it’s a go.


I’ll finish up the Boos Interpretation posts in about a week. I should have time to create one or two of those tomorrow.


Diner may be able to stay — moved Baker’s house west about 2 meters so the two wouldn’t interpenetrate each other. We’ll see.


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Filed under *Second Life, Heterocera, Rubi

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