Sylver Forest Research 01

Auction land just became available in Sikkima below Rubi.


Sikk/SV (all):


2 of 2 (var. = Van Sande-Sikkink Dam, but no dam in sight on the map):

Van Sande-Sikkink

Sikkima family reunion in Greenleafton:


Sikkink contains word “sink”. Sikkima contains perhaps the most definable sink(hole) on the old continents (Sansara and Heterocera). My New Pietmond was set up there for a couple of months in 2012-3.
If so, it may be the oldest sink of the 14 I’ve identified on SL mainland.

Sikkink contains word “Kink” (last 4 letters), referring to The Kinks’ Ray Davies, who may be the same as Dr. Blood just featured in this blog.

Greenleafton and Forestville (w/ 2 Mystery Caves) imply green leaves of Sylver Forest. Both Sikkima sink hole and new auction land were probably part of this pre-Linden forest.

Furry Karl described the Tinbaby, to Karoz, as a green tinted robot with an exterior beating heart and a spike on top of his head. Actually there is no green tint: that’s just the reflection from the many [green leaved] trees in the Rubi Woods. Tinbaby is made of tin and is colored so.

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