“Um, er, Baker Blinker.”

“Yes?” She was sitting at the bar, nursing her Krings.


“I have to show you something. Mind you it doesn’t matter to me, because I’m a flattie and all. We don’t operate that way.”

“What *are* you on about tonight?”

Karl showed her.

“Well, I thank you for that: being honest and all. That could certainly cause some awkward moments.”

“You know, um, *Karoz* comes in here all the time. Sits right over there at his computer game for hours at a time sometimes. Maybe we don’t *have* to close it up this precise moment, if you catch my drift.”

“Furry Karl! I’m shocked at you.”

“What I *mean*,” he continued in a more measured way, “is that you have the option. Again, I didn’t *plan* this out. It just happened. Could we possibly even call it… fate? I’m mean, you’re both such [delete name].

She shook her head firmly. “I’m going to make it work, but not in that way.”

“Okay, what if the situation was flip flopped?” Karl responded. “What if I told Karoz first? Because… I did. Oh dear, look who’s just entered the spire. What *are* we going to do?”

Baker Blinker rushed out of the bar and through the spire’s phantom prim, taking a shocked Karoz’s hand and quickly leading him around the corner back to her house. “Karoz,” she said firmly as she tugged him through the front door. “If this is happening then we’re going to do it *prim* and *proper*. No more beating around the bushes!”

And that’s how it started. The woods came back the same night. Collagesity was finally safe from all invasions.


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