C1718W fun facts

“Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” ends at the exact same location as “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter”, which is in the exact center of the Purden sim in Snowlands, Sansara.

Part 3 of “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” starts with a post called “HHI Again”, partial reference to the first post of Part 3 of “Collagesity 2017 Middle” called “HHI.” I only uncovered this resonance after already composing “HHI Again,” though, and was pondering over a title for the thing.

“Private”, the 4th post of part 4 of “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”, was created exactly one year after “Scissors?”, the 5th post of Part 2 of “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter” (1/15/18 to 1/15/17). They also share several of the same objects or props (unique to those posts as I recall), and both end with “fires.” Like with the “HHI”/”HHI Again” parallel, I only noticed this after the creation of “private”.

In “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”, characters first speak a foreign language (German; several posts), although one small exchange between Wheeler Wilson and Baker Bloch in “Collagesity 2016 Later” (“B-4”) is in the pretend language of Perch.

Almost exactly half of the 7th Collagesity novel (“Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”; 47 posts of a total of 97) is at least partially set on the 7th created mainland continent: Gaeta V.

2 used locations of Gaeta V, Clemscott and Comfrey, also have about the same number of posts dedicated to them in the novel (15 and 14 respectively), and are linked in other ways. I see them as a balance for each other.

Almost all other posts (20) concerning Gaeta V in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” are set in a place I call Capitol City, which is a fictional burg located near the center of the continent.

“Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” contains 25 posts located in eponymous Collagesity, second least in the series to “Collagesity 2017 Middle” and its paltry 7.

In the 1st post of “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” (“Return”), Tronesisia returns to Middletown piloting a small pink airplane down its main street. In Part 6 of “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter” (“Huskers”), she returns to Collagesity driving a small pink car down its main street.

Probably the most common drink referenced in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” is a bucket of blood, served with or without nails.

One independent collage was created during the composition of “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”: “SpicA”. It may also be the first collage of a new series called Hunt, but we’ll see.

There are many “Twin Peaks” references scattered throughout “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter.” The names of a number of minor characters (see, for example: “Shirtless in Comfrey”) are “inversions” of those connected with the show, including Jeffrie Phillips (Phillip Jeffries in “Twin Peaks”, played by David Bowie).

Similarly, Philip Strevor, a key character in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”, is an inversion of Trevor Philips, one of 3 lead characters of “Grand Theft Auto V”. They also share a similar appearance.

There are a number of parallels between the consecutive posts “Revealing” and “can’t wait” of Part 2 of “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” and the post ending the first half of “Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter” (“Spire”). This is another of those “after the fact” discoveries.

In a similar vein, frozen character Tin S. Man is seen showering in a bathtub in both that earliest Collagesity novel (“Fourth”) and the most recent (“congelato”).

The Spookmobile of “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter” returns at the beginning of Part 5 of the most recent Collagesity novel (“Well, we have a giant *beaver*. How’s that?”), and connected with baker b’s audiovisual synchronicity “Pumpkintwisters” again. The Spookmobile was also seen in the first post of part 5 of “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter” (“Martins”).

Like all the other Collagesity novels, “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” has its share of Beatles references. See, for instance, “silver hammer” of Part 04.

The “Grand Theft Auto 5” storyline starts with character Trevor Philips robbing a bank in North Yankton as an adult. In “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter,” derivative and, name-wise, inverted character Philip Strevor is claimed to have robbed a bank in South Yankton as a child. Yankton is also the location of the prison Bad Coop is briefly incarcerated in toward the beginning of “Twin Peaks: The Return”.

There are a considerable number of references to the comedy group Firesign Theatre in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” (“plans”, etc.). In 1970, this group was dubbed by the Library of Congress as “The Beatles of Comedy.”

“12 Oz Mouse” references are littered throughout “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” and other novels in the series: perpetually stoned Peanut Cop in “up and down”, for example; his pal Golden Joe too. A good obscure reference example would be the queer tune that Pitch Darkly miraculously finds that he can play on a piano in Spider Cave from the final post of part 4 (“breakthrough 02”),  derived from this scene in the “12 Oz Mouse” episode called “Booger Haze”.

And I think that’s enough for tonight! More “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” trivia could be coming up.

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