I thought you said Baker Blinker was coming along tonight, Karoz?”


She is. She said she had to pop over to her house real quick to check on something. I thought I’d come and keep you company while we wait.


I thank you for that. I’ll be frank: do you love her? I know you do.


I… think so.


Is this where it’s going to end? At the altar? Hybrid pink moss babies abounding (zip) a bounc’n?


I don’t know. I guess I would hope so. I’m not so sure about the babies.


They’d be adorable and you know it.


I’d hope they would take more after the mother. But… back to Bogota.


Yes, Bogota. But we better wait for Baker Blinker on that one.

(They wait 10 minutes)


Are you *sure* she knew about the meeting? You better go check.


On his way out, he noticed Lisa The Vegetarian’s book had changed from “Floydada” to something else he didn’t quite understand yet. Not yet.


When Karoz reached Baker Blinker’s porch, he heard running water. What he saw inside was also beyond his comprehension.


He found he could not move. Neither did Baker Blinker.


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