Null Void

“The weirdness of the woods is spreading beyond the 8×5 now that Bogota is inside it. Or underneath it. Whatever, Dr. Blood is obviously activated and roaming around again. I will temporarily have to remove the forest.”


Move the whole woods?


No, just eliminate it. Erase it. Temporarily, again. Until we can figure out how to adjust to the changes.

Baker Blinker:

But how?


It is already done. Go have a look-sy if you wish.


Baker Blinker and Karoz take the short walk to the edge of the what should have been the Rubi Woods but was now an empty, treeless void. They both feel like a maleficent force has been removed, a strong gravity of ill direction.


In the opposite dimension (and direction), Dr. Blood stares out from the woods toward a null space where Collagesity use to be. He’s essentially immobile, once more.

“Dag gonnit!”

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