“You’ve done well Baker Bloch. The little hat was a winner. Now I’m really starting to feel like The Bill; starting to really get into the role. This absorption may be important. And there’s the dollar bill to consider. I suppose that’s where Bill got his name…”

“… come to think of it,” Baker Bloch finished.


“I want to try something out,” Wheeler then said. “E un zios miwas.”

“Vadājedummz: pi.”

“Look behind you Baker Bloch. Someone old and grey is speaking Perch. That’s my name for it: Perch. We just spoke Perch.”

“Not Wurme?” Baker Bloch looked confused.

“Not Toikey either. Perch,” Wheeler reinforced. “Another visitor has arrived,” she then announced. “Brainard Bastard Baby Boy. B4. Go and see before he leaves for the hills again. Go now. We are done.”

Not what Baker Bloch was expecting.

He goes inside.


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