While Karl watched helpless, another one of those vortex thingies quickly formed in the center of the Town Diner and took Dr. Blood in, along with his strangely attached pole.


Homer Simpson appeared at the door just in time to witness the last foot disappear.


“Stand back, fat boy,” warned Karl across the whirlpool, “you may be next!”

“Who are *you* calling fat!” cried back Homer. But then he too got sucked in, quick as a wink.


“Hmm,” said Carl, standing in the vortex’s diminishing center now. “I wonder why it’s not affecting me?”


Then it was gone as Carrcassonnee came squeezing through the door. “I was afraid that was going to happen,” she lamented. “My two friends!”


Karl stood in front of her. “Sucks, doesn’t it?”



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