Karoz requested Baker Bloch clean up around Collagesity as much as possible to free prim space for his future projects, such as the flight to Second Life’s moon. Excitement to come! In doing so, Baker finds Furry Karl stashed away in the 7th Spire next to his former bar.


But he didn’t seem to be “alive” now, so Baker made a mental note and moved on. Newcomer Rhoda was still in charge of the bar as far as he could tell, his blood stains finally removed from the counter. “Hello Rhoda,” he said in greeting as he passed by the door. “Just making my nightly rounds”. No response.


Also mysterious was the spinning pocketbook Baker Blinker left behind on the table in The Grove. Why was it spinning? Was it trying to tell Baker Bloch something (and me through him)? Was it a direct communication between the 2 inworld Bakers, even? At any rate, Baker Bloch decided it would be unwise to return it to Baker Blinker at this moment. 4 more prims, however, to deal with.


Using distant vision, Baker peeks around the House of *True Lies* (formerly the House of Truth) where the rocket launcher now exists to see if everything is in order.






He adjusts some of the spacing between the pictures around the launcher, but all else seems okay. Nothing to delete there either.

Baker Bloch takes a look at the most westward structure in Collagesity and wonders if it will ever be “filled in”, given the town’s constant shortage of prims. He has a possible new name for it, then: Smithy’s House. This is where The Master entered Collagesity from unknown dimensions about a month back now. So much has happened in the meantime! A door opened.


His rounds done, he settles into his comfy chair in the attic of the Norum College and enjoys the play of shadows across Collagesity’s skyline caused by the rising sun. He misses the view into the forest, but that’s Baker Blinker’s place now.


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