“Mind you I’m still working on it, but I’d like to present it to the John Lockfrys as soon as possible. What do you think? Go ahead and get up and take a look if you wish. There’s an awful lot of detail involved.”

Karoz stands up and moves toward the picture.


“It’s a remarkable product already if I say so myself,” Carrcassonnee continued. “The 36 tiles of Carrcass-1 to the left, and then the 18 of Carrcass-2 and [Carrcass-]3 to the right. That brings us to late 2009, approaching Christmas. Little Robert Plant Variant has just purchased a $L5000 antique zeppelin at the Chieut Mall as a present to himself. Cpt. Beefheart is still searching for his blimp.”

“I don’t understand,” Karoz says. “This is a picture of a well dressed rooster with 3 squares around him. But rooster is spelled r-o-o-s-t-r-e. This must be something to do with “12 Oz Mouse” again.”

“There is no rooster, Karoz. There are only tiles. TILE.”

Suddenly a huge roar came from the direction of the House of True Lies. John Lockfry 01 had taken the opportunity to steal Karoz’s rocketship and head to the moon without him.


Carrcassonnee comes outside and stares with Karoz at the ascending spacecraft. “Fire, I suppose.”


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