Collagesity Early Nov 02

There will also be outdoor seating at Perch…



… along with a private room inside the Blue Feather called, em, the Table Room? Not sure about an appellation yet, but here’s the set up.

The entrance is actually just behind Baker’s chair here.


Sometimes this will be blocked up during meetings. At any rate, the property is mainly banned, with the line between public and private represented by this wall. Didn’t Carrcassonnee mention multiple times recently about having to build a wall in Collagesity? Perhaps this is it.

The Table Room.

Baker waits in the room for Wheeler to show up. She said she had some more purchases to make. She opens by joking about how much he’d take for a Carrcassonnee key ring.


Poor Carrcassonnee! Greatly diminished in size and scope. As Wheeler also puts it, she’s now *her* Spider. Tables turned.


And then moving to the other side of town (far east), we have the development of a new gallery presently holding the 20 collages of the Greenup series, my earliest digital effort.


A version of the world tree exists within, spiraling heavenward.



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