Baker Bloch had just finished applying the “Crash on Mars” collage texture to a prim in Castle Jack when Wheeler showed up.


“Jimmy Page,” she declared to a turning Baker. “My old friend-nemesis. Practiced psychic defense just because of him, you understand. A dark, dark period in my life. Psychic attacks, pheh. Jealousy. Stars on the rise; demons at the bottom of pools. I was always possessed.”

“Until the eye,” Baker Bloch adds.

“Until the eye.”


Furry Karl’s down-on-the-coast cousin Crash is in the new collage, Baker Blinker, giving the name to the title. It’s not something crashing on Mars.”

“Per se,” Baker Blinker adds.

“Per se.”



“What’s he fishing?” asks Crash’s cousin Furry Karl. “Looks like a hummingbird with a star at the back.”

“That’s a central mystery,” Baker replied. “Should be a fish instead of a bird, you know. But we know, you know, the black star has to do with Bowie and dark, dark death. The hummingbird may stand for resurrection.”


“Someone is coming,” says Wheeler.


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