Wheeler watched television in Lockfry’s old trailor at the border of Minoa and Rubi before deciding to head over to Mystenopolis and pay a visit to Spongeberg Resident. *The* Resident. There was something they had to talk about.



“Sure I’ll join your Table. And I don’t have to even audition?”

“You?” replied Wheeler. “Never. You are the Bunny Boy. You *must* be there. You are Nautilus, the 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Even the 7 1/2. Bizarre. I love you man.”

“Well, good to hear. How’s the Blue Feather going? I heard: *expansion*.”

“Collagesity is blowing up. Blowing up real good. You should visit again. We’re trying to vacuum up all those summoned ghosts at the Feather. And, of course, you can see I have the eye. Carrcassonnee is my woman servant. She does my bidding.”

“Is that a good thing?” asks Spongeberg. “She can come back[ if so].”

“She’ll come back sometime anyway. Best to feed her some humble pie in the meantime.”


So that made John Lemon, Salad Bar Jack, and Spongeberg at The Table, along with Wheeler obviously. Dare she ask Page? Or maybe Plant? Plant or Page? Page or Plant, hmmm? Maybe both, maybe neither. She better find out. She better find out soon. Because time is starting to move backwards. The Bill must be solidified, the title secured.


“She keeps saying she is The Bill, but I don’t think she’s The Bill until The Table is finalized.”

“What are we up to?” asks Baker Blinker to Baker Bloch.

“Page, I think,” he says. “Or Plant. But we’ll have to find them on Mars. Hold onto your horses!”

Mars crashed into Collagesity and took firm hold. Wheeler was back in Lockfry’s Trailor studying “Piledriver” when it happened, wondering what day to invite Karoz Blogger over for his weekly beating. Karoz watched the whole thing from his upstairs apartment above the Bodega market.


He sprints around Carrcassonnee’s former gazebo and Castle Jack to join with Wheeler now in Rubi.


“Looks like Mars came to us instead,” she says, more calm than she should be. Karoz just stared out, flabbergasted.



Then the rain stopped.

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