Further Study

Wheeler rang me up. “We should go look at more [Boos] collages, Baker Bloch,” she said. “To keep the old grey matter exercised.” I was thinking more “exorcised”, but whatever. Here we go!



“This is where I lived,” Wheeler said, staring at Boos 11. “I worked I lived. I lived to work. Spool table — that was a key. I am the spool table. Round and round and round. And in the middle: The Bill. Pay The Bill Baker Bloch. The Bill is the center. Did I tell you about Lemon Bar John — sorry, Hucka Doobie? For some reason I get those two confused.”

“Well, they’re both short,” I attempted to rationalize. “And sort of both yellow.”

“He is the latest to join the Big Boy Table. Graduated from the Children’s Table, you see.”

“I see.”

“He represents, how would you put it, all things Oz and all things Floyd. No need to bring back the 2 Rogers if we let Hucka Doobie fill in. He is, in summary and in culmination, SID’s 1st Oz, the last true non-carrcass.”


“It’s a good role for him,” I admitted. “And that completes The Table?”

“There’s one seat left.”


Boos 12, and Wheeler getting further into a role.

What’s black and white and red all over (Boos 13)? Obvious.

Boos 14.

“Wasn’t there a “Book of 3″ in the library somewhere, Baker Bloch? Be a doll and go check it out for me. Bring it to The Table. But don’t sit down with it. Just put it on The Table. And then leave. Be a doll, please. Do it.”


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