Furtherer Study?

Wheeler decided to take Hucka Doobie with her to review more Boos collages, since she had sent Karoz Blogger, along with Baker Blinker, out to the distant Muff-Bermingham to search for what she called The One, additionally suggesting that they could double up on the task and use it as a type of second honeymoon. Although Wheeler fully expected them to return (thanks to a protective amulet given to Karoz before their departure) she was quite surprised when they also toted back the requested object. Wheeler was actually uncertain of its location — could have been found in a number of spots scattered across several solar systems. I’ll elucidate more of Karoz’s and Blinks’ journey soon. Let’s get to those collages.

Wheeler couldn’t remember where she stopped in her review of the Boos works, so she just chose Boos 23 (“Goodland Goodwater 03”) to begin, since there was a heavy Mars vibe going on with that as well.


“Hucka Doobie,” she said. “You are quite the expert in interpreting Baker B. collages. What do you make of this? You didn’t have a chance to review this work last fall, nor any of the other Boos efforts. Do you feel slighted by this? Do you feel the need for revenge on Baker B.? We can technically make him not your user if you feel so inclined. I have that power. You are being fulfilled, Hucka Doobie,” she continued in her chattier manner this morning; I believe she might have had a bit too much coffee. “Like Karoz, like everyone involved with The Table, including me. Baker Bloch will be returning soon with The Two and then we’ll have everything we need to complete the triangle and assimilate into, well, God to be frank with you Hucka Doobie. Do you think much about God these days, Hucka? He’s right up there, in the clouds. Not that far up. If he let down his long grey beard like Rapunzel, you could almost grab onto it and climb up to join him. Not quite, but close. A small gap. A gap that can be managed easily enough. With the triangle. Ever listen to Messiaen, Hucka Doobie?” she continued even more. “MessiaenSphere? Messiaen Trek? You’ll have to learn all of those when you sit at The Table. The Table should be set in Heaven by that point. You’ll see. This is only the beginning. I am The Bill and I will soon be one with God. We all will. That’s how it works. We’re taking a shortcut to the End Point. You’ll see soon enough.”

“Are you finished?” Hucka Doobie was then able to wedge in. “Can I have my say about this collage — *finally*?” But Wheeler was quite nervously worked up by this point. “No, not today. I’m now not in the mood. Return to your home. That’s an order.”

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