Life on Mars 03

15 minutes later, Baker Bloch was back in the cave station, seeing things in the animation patterns that he’d passed over before. “MessiaenSphere,” he cursed while looking at the information.


“Keep me informed of what you find,” Wheeler called from the eating booth in the 1 room station. She continued staring out into the cave.


“I knew you couldn’t be my mother,” Baker Bloch said back.

“Well, yeah, sorry about that. Just a joke. The Table couldn’t be set up properly yet since Spongeberg called in sick — perhaps he feined illness — but I had some time to kill and thought I’d follow you into Mars to see what dirty tricks you were up to. Speaking of rust and dirt and such, Karoz should be arriving soon. Then you can take your leave, Baker Bloch. Your services will no longer be needed. Just tell me what you find for now. Take some snapshots of the screens if you wish. I already know what’s on them. It’s God, Baker Bloch. God. [delete 2 minutes of exchanges]


“These space chips are pretty good, Baker,” Wheeler said with her mouth full. “Maybe — umm — maybe you should take a break from staring at that computer screen. You may get assimilated like you know who. You know, the black dude with the red violin. Sure you don’t want any?” She shakes the bag in Baker’s direction, but no response. “MessiaenSphere, eh? Who could have known?”


Karoz never found Jacksboro. His weekly beatings became bi-weekly for remainder of the month.

Baker is roused by a hummingbird.

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