Mars Probe 01

Hummie told Baker Bloch about a huge Martian sity only 10 clicks to the west north west of the Jacksboro base. “That’s where they buy their groceries,” he adds. Baker decides to check it out. Maybe there he can finally get away from Wheeler and do some thinking and pondering on his own about the future of Collagesity on this red planet. And find that beating heart mystery he needs to resolve in order to return his town back to its proper sphere.

Hopping aboard the dog ship again, Baker found the city easily enough. It was certainly larger than Collagesity, but not exactly the giant place Hummie advertised it as. And really really dusty. Baker felt his throat starting to constrict almost immediately upon landing, but decided to explore more. He found this Mars Bar, legitimizing the location.


And a book called “Marsport Mars” laying on a table within, written by some fellow named Ray Greenup Greentown. He read several pages but started to get sick on his stomach. It was the dust again. He better explore as much as possible before heading back out into the wastelands for needed fresh air.


Perhaps answers would be found in that building on the mount over there, he thought while stepping out of the bar. Looks quite the sacred space.


He investigates another structure on the way up and encounters this mural. Giant wurmes on Mars? He’ll have to keep a watchful eye out for those!


Ah ha. Looks like a map of the planet. I wonder where Collagesity is on it now? Baker ponders. Too new a location?


Another site Baker explored.


Another — perhaps a residence. Salvador Dali was a Martian?


He even quickly checked out a rental unit giving a nice view of the smoggy sity.


The structure on the mount turned out to be some kind of religious chapel, but Baker didn’t feel the needed beating heart anywhere around. Maybe this wasn’t the huge sity Hummie indicated after all.



He even checked under the church. Interesting red gorges for sure.


Baker will landmark this place and see if he can figure out a way to safely come back and investigate more. But for now he needs to get the heck out of Dodge, as it were.

Dodge on Mars?

“Where to forth next?” he wheezes to himself.


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