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As Dutch advised, she was beyond the gate now, but caught in some kind of solid growth of pink flowers.


On the far edge of the flowers from the gate was lodged the marble head of Dutch’s human form: Detective/Chef Keat Owens, who everyone thought was burned to death in Collagesity North by grey alien Jerome T. Newton over a week back.


Turns out the marble hands left behind were only a prop. And now Old Mabel, in a dream state, has uncovered the accompanying stone head. But she can progress no further tonight, although she caught a glimpse of this green table just beyond the entrapping flowers.


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“Oh dear. Still there,” says Old Mabel, walking around her Minoan home this morning. That could only mean one thing.


She continues to circumnavigate the grounds…

Front gate.

… then spies this new spectacle just past the lighthouse. A big colorful, half hidden eye…


… whose pupil flickered back and forth at a rapid pace. It sat just above and beyond a side gate of the property leading to Collagesity North. The formerly closed portal was now open.

A huge blue whale flew over her head as she was pondering whether to pass through the gate, briefly blocking out the sun.


The eye both beckoned and warned. What would she choose?



Old Mabel woke up. She had nodded off while listening to Beetles music again and working on another page of her journal (concerning Lucky). Across from her stood a brown being whose head almost touched the ceiling.


Old Mabel removed her headphones, which were blaring out Lennon’s “No. Nine Dream” off his “Walls and Bridges” solo project from the mid-70s. “Dutch, I presume,” she said, feigning calm amidst the surprise appearance.

Who else?” he said in a deep voice appropriate for his size and raising all four hands simultaneously.

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