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The right way


“It’s time we do something with this TILE Temple,” states Baker Blinker to the always awake Carrcassonnee.

2 minutes and 43 second later: “Yes.”




“How come you never removed the collages from SoSo South?” asks Hucka Doobie about 15 minutes into their rendezvous later in the evening. “I thought they were causing too much lag.”

Baker Blinker came up with an excuse. “I think the appearance of Jerome T. Newton changed all that. Him and Keat Owens.” She peered through the opening to her right. “Speaking of whom, where is he with our clean cups he promised. Coffee’s getting cold.”


“And Steve over there” begins Hucka Doobie again, looking north now. “He’s only a dream being. But we’re not asleep. So that’s a continuity error.”


Baker Blinker blows out air. “I can’t do *everything* in this town. I don’t have enough power. I can control Collagesity North well enough but not here.

Hucka Doobie and Baker Blinker become silent for a moment. Both think of Baker Bloch and Old Mabel on New Island along with Wheeler and Karoz. Baker Bloch is the custodian for this part of town, the main part. He’s the one who cleans up all the creative clutter here from the night before. Like Steve.

But suddenly, Steve the giant red robot wasn’t holding the sideways and backwards ballerina any longer. Urch had reappeared!


The robot went away. The ballerina returned to her rightful position on the ground directly below.


Things were moving forward again…

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The expanding hole had consumed the cypher world which acted as a protecting lid. Gate wide open now for Urch. Allen Martin and son Doogie had returned to their crooked blue home to sleep for a couple of hours. Aspinwall had become so small she could fit into a matchbox. The Martins took her back with them.


“A sideways hole, eh?” proclaimed Urch the orphan child, perched above. “No problem for me, however — time to see which way I truly spin!


She walked through the hole.



The Great Wall didn’t turn into a giant ASP and consume the TILE Temple! Urch had spun the right way.

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