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Buurb walks up to the Red Umbrella packed with Baker Bloch’s collages and wonders why he’s here at this juncture of roads. “I *finally* get the courage to enter Collagesity to find my dream lady and she is gone,” he mutters to himself. “New Island is where she went, the furry bartender over at the mall said. New Moon Island.”


“I hate this place.”


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Old Mabel was in an unfamiliar place. She tried to get her bearings. “DJ Ned — Heartsdale,” she read. “This must be Heartsdale,” she concluded, and then found herself buying some heart shaped glasses from a nearby store named Blown-Apart.

She stepped out into the street and had a rethink. “Not Heartsdale,” she said now, “but in the heart of things still.” She recognized the junction of Old Cannon and North roads — barely. “Collagesity. Far in the future.” She looked around. “But where are all of Baker Bloch’s collages?”


A person approached Old Mabel from the south that she soon learned was named Buurb. He will be both familiar and unfamiliar to my many blog readers. Stay tuned!

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I must tell the full story of the Facets sometime in this blog. I admittedly lost track of them because, for years, the Collagesity town directory has incorrectly listed them as the Fawcetts. Tom is the custodian for the TILE Tower over in Rubi, once again not to be confused with the Temple of TILE in Collagesity North now. His wife Margorie runs a small museum out of their Gloomy Gus home next door, a duplicate structure to Baker Blinker’s only about 100 yards away to the west. Like many entities who live in or near the woods, the Facets are true demons, although, like so many as well, they desire to become non-possessed avatars one day. But casting out harmful spirits almost always comes at a price, and there’s only so much money I have to spread around. So for now, they’re stuck next to the forest, unable to move far beyond its boundaries. But look how happy they are whilst inside! The unburdening from constrictions there can be likened to hard core nudists with the sudden freedom to shed clothes.

Dancing Facets.

Here they are on the top floor of the TILE Tower, enjoying the view of Collagesity with demonic status locked back in place. Can you dig it?


The centerpiece of Marjorie’s museum is a familiar object to regular blog readers. The Facets have designs to procure the matching LUCKY sign from former Rubi neighbor Furry Karl the bartender, by force if needed.


Wonder where the war between the Greens and the Grays started? Well, in a way, it began right here. The battle for LUCKY.

“Suck on *these* lucky charms, hoop boy.”

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