Meribel 01

The sleepy village of Meribel exists along what’s now called Alpine Way, an offshoot of Route 18. Although the majority lies in the namesake sim of Meribel, the town limits extend eastward into Eagan to include areas around Alpine Way down to this juncture. A more ancient name for this part of Meribel is Moral.

Juncture of Alpine Way with Route 18.

Ancient eyes watch Wheeler as she bikes down Alpine Way toward the heart of the village.


Wheeler pauses to look over at Three Star Tree and the former site of Mid Hazel’s witch college.


Wheeler discovers more evidence for the continued influence of Meribel College here.



Sim crossing into Meribel from Eagan. Wheeler can really feel the old energy now. Night has descended quickly!


Chuck’s place. Fellow snowies Snowmanster and Chuck are catching up inside while Wheeler explores the town.


Mutress the gnome offers hot cocoa to cold wanderers at Point 217.


Wheeler waves at one of the numerous “traditional” (non-avatar) snowmen in town.


Looking back. She’s near the center of the sim now.


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