not clowning around

It was Wheeler’s 3rd trip into VHC *City’s* vast underground that she found Chuckles’ pal Renaldo O’Donnell laying in a pool of his own blood beside the Cursed Washers. “F–k,” she appropriately exclaims, trying to avoid getting her feet red and sticky. Being from the future and all as well, chef/inspector Petty, disguised as gas station attendent Doogie Martin for a spell, had foreseen many elements of the deed and began filling in the missing pieces. Although questioned thoroughly about her relationship with Ms. Greentop, Wheeler was dismissed early on as a suspect. No, this was an inside job, Petty quickly concluded. The people of the underworld who were dead and undead both. This would be a tricky undertaking, he thought, then realized his pun.


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2 responses to “not clowning around

  1. veyot

    i followed your clues, SOHO and key shop and found the underground. Even some gifts . did the SOHO ghost girl follow you all the way back to the key shop? she did me

  2. Hi Veyot! That girl followed me around a bit but not above ground. Spooky! Thanks for bringing it to my attention (as if I’m not already scared enough of the place).

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