Inside Out

“I don’t see the Castle Tower on here,” he says, peering intently. “*Nor* the Crystal Cottage.”

“No,” Tronesisia replies. “We’ll have to redraw the map soon.” She points.

“And there’s my own cottage. A bit inside the circle apparently. You can’t enter there. You will have to stay in the forest. Beginning just beyond the railroad. Just outside his influence. Realm of Orange. Do you understand?”


“We must leave this place now.”


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2 responses to “Inside Out

  1. veyot

    Detective Petty looked up from the map he was studying and said, “I can’t make any sense of this map, Veyot. You should buy this land on the railroad–see right here–and keep watch on these people.” “But I tried that before,” whined Veyot. “I lived next to one of them at Nabi, Philudoria, and Noru, but he only came in after midnight and I only came in for lunch. Now, last week, I found some of his fingerprints at Tussock. However, it was right next to an En Garde fencing game, so I invited Laserskater over to try it and he beat me three times and i went home in a huff.”

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