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Nancy and Bettie

“Weird how my name is Nancy, and I’m playing a girl named Nancy in the play.”

“Not at all odd,” responds the purple haired Bettie sitting in the opposite seat of their posh Lapara Hotel room — the 145 dollars a week one, not the 100. “Fate, we must call it. Like ‘The Shining’ (movie). Jack Nicholson played Jack from (Stephen King’s) book. Daniel played little Danny. Just like your own Danny. We must think of these things.”

“But why would Nancy shoot Gideon if he’s already caught and jailed? What’s my motivation for playing this obviously psychotic woman?”

“I understand it completely,” Bettie says. “Passion rules over all. Nancy’s love of her life had been robbed. So she robbed the robber of his life in turn.”

“But then her *own* life was robbed by the robber after he became… a vampire? Is that really believable?”

“The story has it that this is true,” replies Bettie. “Why don’t you study the script more and take notes.”

Nancy doesn’t even give a glance at the “Bible Truth” script leaning against the chair arm beside her. “Oh I’ve looked at that again and again. I’ve memorized everything by now. Might as well throw it out of this high window for all it’s worth.”

“Well,” joked Bettie. “As your *understudy*, haha, you could just abdicate the role. Let me take over. I could have poisoned your drink there, let’s say. You know how bad I wanted the part.” She smiled.

“Not a bad idea, Bettie,” Nancy said, absorbing the inside joke. “But I’m Nancy let’s face it. Nancy plays Nancy. And you, as Bettie, will play Bettie, who is the understudy to Nancy in the play as well.”

“In the play within the play.”

“The vampires,” complained Nancy further. “Why are they called vam*pures* in ‘Bible Truth’?”

But Bettie was distracted by the noise outside the window. “Oh Lordy, here we go.” She pointed down. “Evangelicals. Looks like you’re not the only one who doesn’t cater to the idea of mortals rising from the dead.”

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rooms 02

“All right baby doll. Tell me which room is yours.”

There was an awkward pause. “I… I can’t remember!”

Prissy’s reality was then chosen for her. Peter SoSo opened the door to the right. “Dear, is that… you?”

“Oh. Hello… Bendy. It’s, um, been… a while.”

“It’s been a girlfriend and a lifetime ago,” the robot replied tensely.

He looked for a sign from his wife. “Invite him in Peter,” she said. “We need to talk about things.”

“Well, yeah, er… I suppose we do need… to… do that.”

“A *lifetime*,” Bendy reinforced to Peter’s face while walking through the open door.

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Tronesisia enters the room. Good that Baker got rid of the clown watchguard outside, she thinks. 12 prims! He thought it was 3 or 4. Only 1 until 40 — (allotted) prims maxxed out. He certainly didn’t want to insult the new landlord right off, the new Ringmaster. One of ’em.


“Empty,” she uttered.

“Yes,” Bendy declared after checking it out. “An empty room; nothing within. You must have heard the wind, baby. But not from me, hehe.”

“No,” clarified Prissy. “This picture. This empty picture.” She kept studying the slight bit of orange hair at the bottom. “I’m remembering something.”

“We better get you home,” relented Bendy, starting to really worry about the mergirl’s recent ramblings. Attempts at smooching will have to wait.

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“Come with me Wheeler Wilson,” commanded Peter SoSo, suddenly manifesting in Buster’s inner tube beside her.

“Why?” demanded Wheeler to the stranger. She remained calm and steady.

“Just do it. Do you know who I am?”

She looked him over. “My guess: just another carnie. Like that other merperson selling concessions outside of Baker Bloch’s new house in town.”

“That’s *not* Baker Bloch’s house.”

“Isn’t it? He told me it was.”

“Come with me,” Peter bid again.


“Alright we’ve visited the marketplace and gotten the stuff you wished me to have. What next, Mein Ringmaster?”

“We transform you. Just as I have been transformed. That way we can walk and talk as a couple. We are a couple, no?”

Wheeler was confused at this turn of events. “I… don’t know.”


“*Are* we a couple?”

“Yes,” she stated firmly.

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olde 02

Wheeler and Buster then wandered over to the town’s new power station.

“Look, it’s one of those *real* old timey computers, Buster. And there’s Rocky’s novel again. Looks like he might be finished.”

“Is Nancy alive or dead at the end? Can you tell?”

“Who’s ‘G’, Buster?” Wheeler asked in turn.

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Buster Damm dare not enter the Circle of Orange again for fear of imprisonment but Clare, I mean, Wheeler took the chance. She wanted to look at that Lapara book again in Saturnia Saturn. She disguised herself appropriately, which was of course no problem now since she remained at least 74 to 75 percent clown.

“Hmm, a red-green ball on the bench beside it, neither color fully manifesting.”

She tried to sit on one or the other, but poses were all screwed up. To the book…

Oh cool. She could just *buy* it for L$0. Done.

Back to the Lapara pool!


“Let’s see,” she said while floating and turning. “You just wear it like a HUD.”

She summoned Buster to join her in the examination. She could share the book with anyone.

Mentioned within are the High Mountain Road, Lapara Airport, Lapara Tibetian Monestary, and then Olde Lapara Towne itself to close.

So Clare Nova didn’t build a town in Lapara, she just owned parcels here. Perhaps still does. “Looks like we have some exploring to do, Buster!”

“Can I change out of these wet clothes first?” he complains, wishing again they had enough money to buy a proper room.


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next week again

Prissy didn’t think it was at all funny. Bendy had rented the rowhouse closest to her concession stand and started hanging around a lot. Stuck with his presence, she decided to focus on her day dreams during conversations. He was especially interested in the robot lady that frequently appeared in them.

“Dame sounds familiar,” he says while woofing down clams purchased from the cart next door. “Does she have a moral chip? Because I always wanted one of those things.” He was trying to figure out a way to ask Prissy to the opening of “Bible Truth” next week at the Grand Lapara Ballroom. But there was, of course, the whole *marriage* thing to Peter SoSo to consider, he lamented. And where was her dapper young mer-man today? he asked Prissy directly. She said he mentioned riding the town trains, seeing where they began and ended. The play doesn’t start until next week, she further explained. Bendy gulped. Peter SoSo is in the *play*?

“Those clams are not agreeing with me Prissy,” Bendy then said while looking down at squiggling, shelled hallucinations all around. “If you’ll excuse me.”

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Bible Truth

Rocky’s novel begins in the Magill House on The Hill, or the Magill Hill House or just the Magill House or Hill House. Yes, a woman named Lil lived there, who everyone knew as Nancy. Piggies were at bay in those times. Marshmallow men had yet to appear. Confetti always in the air. Parades galore. God Bless America.

Despite being prime real estate, the place is curiously empty these days. Just look at the view from the top porch!

Spectacular waterfalls can be seen tumbling down mountains towering above the town to the north, some of the highest peaks in Second Life I’ve been told. It’s a grand setting.

Yet within the house Buster Damm senses sorrow still. In the mid 20’s, a young lad named Daniel or Danny courted the tall, fetching Magill girl, the only child of Steve and Richard. Danny was shot 3 times and killed during a 1926 4th of July party at a local gay saloon owned by Nancy’s fathers. He managed to crawl to the dry-goods store next door to die at 1 minute past midnight on the 5th, a legal threshold. The shooter, Gideon “Spider” Murphy, former lover of Danny and leader of the notorious Purple Gang, was in turn, shot to death by Nancy while incarcerated at what was then the Lapara jailhouse, now designated as the primary landing point within Olde Lapara Towne itself. Completing the triangle of tragedy, Gideon was turned into the city’s first vampire the following week, with his original human victim being none other than our fair Nancy.

It goes without saying that Rocky’s novel has everything to do with this tragedy and then some. Including the fact that Buster Damm certainly isn’t a stranger to this town. He stares up at the place of the killing. Not the first or third but second.

His own.

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top to bottom

The search for Nancy goes through Bakers. So decrees Buster Damm, in an Olde Lapara Towne pool now but still playing. He’s hip to the Oracle. Too hip? Wheeler Wilson floats nearby, trying to decide what clown costume to wear at the first rehersal. Number 304 is an instant wowzer, she thinks. Yes, I’ll go with that.


“I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. Magill,” he types. Stepping back, Rocky realizes he maybe just might have composed the final line to that GAN. Celebrations are in order!

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Wheeler Wilson was taking a break from playing pool with Buster Damm over in a Ratcliff speakeasy when she got the call.

“Clown part, eh? L$100 a week, huh? I’m there dude.”

“What’s cook’n?” asks Buster after she hung up. In answer, she threw one of her rats and an attached chunk of cheese at him.

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