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“Tonshi’s Realm” in the upper part of the Lapara sim, airport perched on top:

Tenament Square…

… where I currently rent.

Parcel description:

Tenament Square — the economy part of Olde Lapara Towne!

Take the train, hop in a cab, explore the buildings.
This is the new extension to the original downtown, currently being worked on.

Curious patch of yellow grass beneath a train ramp.

Olde Lapara Jaile (my mythology) at the eastern end of tree bespeckled High Line.

Scott Walker, the town’s giant sloth: still wrecking havoc!

Mystery hole.

Scott Walker’s havoc scene through hole.

Tronesisia jumping for joy in her new room at the Grand Lapara Hotel. She’s with Peter SoSo now!

Paul/Duncan in Malone Central, pretty content himself actually.

It’s a beautiful view, after all.

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7th Date

“Well Nancy, here we are at the home of the most famous clown of all. Renaldo O’Donnell!”

“This is disgusting, Danny.”


“What to choose, what to choose, what to choose?”

“Alright we’re back in Olde Lapara Towne at the Carnivorous Salad like you desired, Nancy. But I’m only eating the ice cream and cake and NOT what’s over there.”

“Suit yourself.”

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“So this is your latest disguise Baker Bloch.”

“No, not really. This is Duncan who is also Paul. And Paul is also Even Whiter Walt. Paul is married to Mary. Marry me Mary, he asked at one point in time and space, perhaps here, perhaps there.”

“Different sims are tough. Like different races.”

“Male and female,” said Duncan/Paul to Hucka Doobie. “Black and white, old and new.”

“But not good and evil.”

“We know now, Hucka, that this place, this News and Views we sit in and perhaps even stare out of at times through its 4th Wall…”

“Like now,” Hucka Doobie interjected.

“… this place is old. 4 years, maybe more. We thought it was a temporary spot, maybe gone before the week was over when we first visited.”

“2 months ago? 3?”

“But it’s not.” Duncan/Paul paused. Percolator the Clown, listening in from the bar counter, waited with bated breath. Was this the big reveal?

“Someone is hearing.”

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Paul Too

He stood up on Razor’s Edge, looking toward Tealy’s Corner from Border Chair. But did the oddly hued raccoon still live there? Paul needed to get back to his own home right now. He walks The Tightrope…

… straps on his balloons while strolling by Floatie the Reminder Clown….

… and enters Malone Central by passing over the 444 Chasm.

Mary was waiting with Wheeler. “What’s on, doll?” he asked his wife.

“Static,” Mary replies. “Merely static.”

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“This isn’t real, this isn’t real, this isn’t real,” Buster chants from the northwest corner.

And so it wasn’t.

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red door0005

“I’ve got to get in there sometime Nance. I have to clean!”

“We better leave Paul.”

“Alright Mary.” He stands up and moves away from the door. His wife follows.

“You need some help getting out of there Pot Head, hehe?”

“Goodbye,” adds Mary to the struggling robot. The couple shoots down Rabbit Hole.


20 seconds later…

“Caught ya you rascal!”

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They all realized that Lamb was bigger than any of ’em.

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in and out 02

Bettie/Tonshi and Buster had made it all the way down past the first falls now in their inner tubes. It was not Wednesday but it was time. Timmy Time.

They stood up. “What now my love?”

Buster told her his plan as the inner tubes vanished, one then another. “Follow me.”


“Hold on Tonshi!” he called through the floor.

“I will!”



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in and out

Tronesisia walked to the top of the stairs to confront Peter SoSo full on. “I’m here my love,” she said. “We’re in this together now. Lamb.”

Meanwhile, across the tracks from here…

“It’s time Timmy. My Timmy Time tiny horse.”

“Well she got off to a running start and that’s good.”

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