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parallel view

My friend and current fellow Olde Lapara Towne resident Veyot has made a nifty short film about the thrills and perils of its transport system.

Veyot has created a number of other recent posts on her tumblr site concerning Levi Clownski’s wonderful mainland city. Check here — some will feature familiar settings and characters to my blog readers!


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up the falls

The structure was indeed a duplicate of the jailhouse in town proper. But it was likewise empty, much to the disappointment of Buster.

His attention was then drawn to a jagged incline outside, dotted with those queer, two-dimensional orange trees. “What’s up there?” he asked Peter, who replied he didn’t know. “Wait here with Wheeler,” Buster commanded, steeling his nerves for a new challenge. “We need your conducting powers to get back.”

Buster returned to the others, saying he’d found an alternate way out of the underground beneath the SLRR and that they didn’t have to go through that God awful void again.

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Other Side

Peter graciously offers to conduct a cable train down to the duplicate jailhouse for curious Wheeler and Buster. They begin at a raised platform on the east side of town.

Small downpours delay the train for just a minute.

Unexpected twists and turns fill the journey.

Passing through the heart of town.

Wheeler and Buster become more excited as the train then heads southward through a tunnel.

An underground station stop. Peter checks out a strange noise in the back while Buster hides his eyes in fear. No problem however: just a stuck branch from a tree dragging the tracks.

Entering an inexplicable black void. “Are we dead?” Buster utters. Wheeler pats his head for comfort.

Emerging in a different place.

Another brief rain…

… then a final turn to reach End of the Line and the duplicate jailhouse.

The gang stares on, accompanied by an indifferent reindeer.

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