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All it took was a handshake between two beings of reversed electrical charges. Ka-BLOO-Y. There goes the whole southeast quadrant of Olde Lapara Town. Luckily, All Nancy’s from the Grand Lapara Hotel bathroom was on the scene almost instantly, reversing the blast with her powerful reversing powers.

In the end, all that out-of-control fission energy was just reduced and condensed into a small, mushroom shaped house thanks to our local ghostly entity. Little Tonshi Ashokan steps out the front door, wondering about her atomic dream. Was it a dream? Seems so.


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The long and short of it.

He spotted her between 2 groups of silhouetted protesters. She didn’t appear to him like she did to other people, like to her best friend and co-worker Nancy, for instance. He saw her for who she really was. A being as dead as himself. Perhaps moreso.

Breaking off her glare, Bettie turns to Nancy, hidden by a rusty pipe from his angle. “We better get you back inside before things get nasty down here.”

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“Je-sus is real! Vam-pires are myth!”

Wheeler and Buster Damm were walking north through Olde Lapara Towne, aiming to check out the teahouse in that direction owned by the real Clare Nova, when suddenly chanting protesters came around the back corner of the Grand Lapara Hotel, startling them. “Look straight ahead,” Buster urged, gauging the situation. “Don’t make eye contact or you’ll be absorbed.” But they were on a direct collision course. Wheeler and Buster had to pretend to become one with the hive mind.

Super good thing for them that they didn’t know who Buster *really* was.

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Peter SoSo and Prissy have a *ghost* in their bathroom, Bendy pondered when returning to his rowhouse from the hotel. No, not a ghost, an interdimensional being of some sort. A Nancy that is all Nancy’s. All Nancy’s. What does it mean?

Tronesisia, listening in unseen from the other side of the room, knew the answer.

Sissy not Prissy, she thought over and over. Sissy not Prissy, Sissy not Prissy, Sissy not Prissy…

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