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“So this is your latest disguise Baker Bloch.”

“No, not really. This is Duncan who is also Paul. And Paul is also Even Whiter Walt. Paul is married to Mary. Marry me Mary, he asked at one point in time and space, perhaps here, perhaps there.”

“Different sims are tough. Like different races.”

“Male and female,” said Duncan/Paul to Hucka Doobie. “Black and white, old and new.”

“But not good and evil.”

“We know now, Hucka, that this place, this News and Views we sit in and perhaps even stare out of at times through its 4th Wall…”

“Like now,” Hucka Doobie interjected.

“… this place is old. 4 years, maybe more. We thought it was a temporary spot, maybe gone before the week was over when we first visited.”

“2 months ago? 3?”

“But it’s not.” Duncan/Paul paused. Percolator the Clown, listening in from the bar counter, waited with bated breath. Was this the big reveal?

“Someone is hearing.”

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Paul Too

He stood up on Razor’s Edge, looking toward Tealy’s Corner from Border Chair. But did the oddly hued raccoon still live there? Paul needed to get back to his own home right now. He walks The Tightrope…

… straps on his balloons while strolling by Floatie the Reminder Clown….

… and enters Malone Central by passing over the 444 Chasm.

Mary was waiting with Wheeler. “What’s on, doll?” he asked his wife.

“Static,” Mary replies. “Merely static.”

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