big >little

All it took was a handshake between two beings of reversed electrical charges. Ka-BLOO-Y. There goes the whole southeast quadrant of Olde Lapara Town. Luckily, All Nancy’s from the Grand Lapara Hotel bathroom was on the scene almost instantly, reversing the blast with her powerful reversing powers.

In the end, all that out-of-control fission energy was just reduced and condensed into a small, mushroom shaped house thanks to our local ghostly entity. Little Tonshi Ashokan steps out the front door, wondering about her atomic dream. Was it a dream? Seems so.


Filed under **VIRTUAL, 0005, 0117, Heterocera^^, Lapara^

2 responses to “big >little

  1. veyot

    I think I heard the Ashokan Farewell when I read that.

  2. I stumbled upon the name Ashokan from another direction and only learned about the song afterwards. Little Tonshi is another clue who this relates to. More will develop soon, I’m expecting, as at least some of the action moves north of Olde Lapara Towne and into the high hills.

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