Other Side

Peter graciously offers to conduct a cable train down to the duplicate jailhouse for curious Wheeler and Buster. They begin at a raised platform on the east side of town.

Small downpours delay the train for just a minute.

Unexpected twists and turns fill the journey.

Passing through the heart of town.

Wheeler and Buster become more excited as the train then heads southward through a tunnel.

An underground station stop. Peter checks out a strange noise in the back while Buster hides his eyes in fear. No problem however: just a stuck branch from a tree dragging the tracks.

Entering an inexplicable black void. “Are we dead?” Buster utters. Wheeler pats his head for comfort.

Emerging in a different place.

Another brief rain…

… then a final turn to reach End of the Line and the duplicate jailhouse.

The gang stares on, accompanied by an indifferent reindeer.

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