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Collagesity, mid July 2017

“Collagesity 2017 Early” novel done! You can catch all the action here (under the “Virtual” heading of the “Sunklands” blog):


There are 2 what I call preludes to the current novel, 4th in the Collagesity series so far. They are not essential for understanding what’s going on in the 6 proper sections of the novel, but make for interesting reads nonetheless, especially the second (Prelude 2 of 2) where a new character called The Musician investigates Art Oluja’s fabulous LEA11 creation, now officially ended. He carries directly over into the novel proper, where his story unfolds from beginning to end and then, for me, even loops back into the start again to initiate a higher octave of analysis (work in progress). I had a lot of fun writing all this, mainly in the middle of the night. But it made for some groggy mornings at times. 🙂

State of Collagesity at the end of the novel: It’s now shifted more toward the Rubi Forest, a more permanent status, I feel. Markland rental properties to the east given up. Baker Bloch and also Baker Blinker own everything now. The square meterage remains the same, however. I still have to sell a bit of property in the east before everything is completely stable.

Collagesity map for now.

Two official (kiosked) galleries now in the town: SoSo and Fal Mouth Moon. A third, Boos, can be reached via teleporter from either one.

In the recent shift of my land more toward the woods, I decided to sacrifice a couple of galleries and their inclusive collages, including the hugely high Power Tower Gowlery and also the Red Umbrella. This reduced the number of collages in Collagesity from around 270 down to about 200. I hated to do it, but I needed the prims for additional story telling adventures, including providing homes for two more new or new-ish characters named Pitch Darkly and Woody Woodmanson also found in “Collagesity 2017 Early.” They are both official residents of the town now.

Collagesity (2) and VHC City (many) kiosked galleries with “linking” Continental Diagonal.

Who else is in Collagesity currently, then (characters)? Baker Blinker and Karoz Blogger appear to have returned from their approx. 3 month stint in Chilbo, but we’ll see. They are not prominently featured in “Collagesity 2017 Early”. Baker Bloch, Wheeler Wilson, and Hucka Doobie basically continue their stories from the earlier novels. Wheeler has a new sidekick to hang around with: the aforementioned Musician, but I’m not sure about their status within Collagesity itself. Maybe their home is the Blue Feather? Another important new character is Mary Ball, also known as Chuckles Greentop. She appears to live with Pitch, but is currently away for a spell.

For “Collagesity 2017 Early” (C17E), action starts in VHC City, where it continues throughout the first half of the novel. Then we shift to the “extraterrestrial” Muff-Bermingham, partly set up in my Collagesity skybox but also employing the amazing Bliss Gardens run by Luna Bliss, which I’ve known about for a long time now. The number of sims in the Gardens has been reduced from olden days but the unique magic is still present. Waterfalls waterfalls waterfalls! I’ve had a lot of fun bumming around there and “filming.” In section 5, we return basically to the VHC City area and then in 6 head back to Collagesity to wrap things up. But Muff-Bermingham scenes pop up in the last 2 sections as well.

A word about the symmetry between “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter” and “Collagesity 2017 Early”, or Collagesity novels 3 and 4. Both have 2 preludes. Both have 6 sections of approx. (or exactly, in the case of novel 4) 18 posts apiece. The first 5 of 6 sections of C1617W are set in Collagesity. *Only* part 6 of C17E takes place in Collagesity — inversion, then.

More on an analysis of C17E soon!

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Mission 02 03

No one says anything, not knowing if Woody is finished or not. But after about 30 seconds, it’s pretty obvious to all that he’s wrapped up his spiel. Mary takes his place, thanking Woody and the others for their words, then asks if anyone else wants to speak. She looks at Baker Bloch then at Hucka Doobie. Both wave her off, but then Baker felt the need to say, “We appreciate your supreme sacrifice Mary.”

“Then I suppose it’s time.” She turns to the rocket ship. “Goodbye all! I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“Goodbye my love!” Pitch cries from the second row. “I know you will. I have faith in the Gods.”

Sobbing, she touches the launcher, then manifests inside the firing capsule. A person was already there. It was George, seated beside her.

He took her hand. “It’s you and me now.”


24 years later…

“Do you not know me?” asked Mary/Chuckles to Sikul Himakt The Musician.

“Of course I do mother.”


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