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Tronesisia was thrilled that Mary had taken to Collagesity so quickly, but she had her own mission to deal with now. She and Baker Bloch dropped Mary off at Darkly Manor to a waiting Pitch and then proceeded straight into the heart of the village. House of Truth.

“Bendy was standing about here when he disappeared from my side and went into the stomach of the rocket ship. Stomach? Why did I say stomach? You know what I mean.”

“I do,” returns Baker Bloch, staring up at the tip of the rocket launcher as well. “I too stood beside someone who disappeared into the ship. Karoz Blogger. The mad scripting genius.” He checks his watch. “It’s early in the morning. We need to get you settled in somewhere. Baker Blinker and I have come up with just the place.”

“This is Baker Blinker’s home, but she’s decided to stay with Karoz at his Bodega market apartment until we can get you up to Muff-Bermingham. Karoz says he needs to triple check everything connected with the ship and launcher, and then triple check them all over again. He says 2 or 3 days will still do it. Grumbled something about a key calibration being off by one when he got here. He called it the Baby Monster, a tiny but huge step at the same time. Don’t get what it means, but apparently that was the opening he needed.”

“Interesting,” said Tronesisia. “We’ll talk about it further tomorrow. I don’t want to keep you any longer. But where are you living since we’re back?”

Baker didn’t know. He ended up sleeping inside a tree.

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Tronesisia and Mary pulled in about midnight on the 6th. Baker Bloch was there to greet them in front of Darkly Manor, Mary’s hopefully new home. He couldn’t wait to show them around town.

But what immediately caught Mary’s eye as she got out of the pink mini was this portrait of Ted in the middle of Castle Knight. “I know that man,” she said, continuing to stare. “He use to work for me.”

She turns right. “And that *woman.* What is this place?”

“Castle Knight,” explains Baker Bloch, walking up. “It’s one of Wheeler’s projects mainly, although we’re helping — the rest of us. Nancy’s involved.”

“Who’s Nancy?” asks Mary.

“We’re not quite sure yet,” admits Baker Bloch. “All this stuff, or most of it, use to be in the Muff-Bermingham Room of the VHC City Underground.”

She turns left. “And, oh my God, there’s *Chuckles*. My namesake. I’m remembering. I’m remembering a lot.”

Mary was coming out of her shell.


Later that night, after she and Pitch had, er, reunited in Darkly Manor, Mary lay in bed dreaming.

A boy approached. “Hello future mother. My name is George. I’m glad you’ve come to Collagesity, our home. It’s time for me to enter your stomach. It’s time. It’s time.”

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