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“Mary! What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to help you, Ms. Wheeler Wilson. You’re being clowned.”


“Just remember I’m always here to help you. Just remember that.”

“I will. And: thank you. I’m beginning to feel better.”

“Angling, my dear. It’s all about angles.”


“And percentages. 25 or 26 tops for the clowning. Can you do that?”


“I’m not sure. It’s so much fun. And I love my clown costumes.”


“Clowning is here to protect you. But like with any effective defense, you can become overdependent.”



“You work on it,” Mary said, standing. “I’ll let you go. See you in Collagesity!”

“Sometime,” Wheeler admitted.

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Woody’s Abode

Woody Woodmanson stepped out of his key shop teleporter and onto the green mainland terrain of Collagesity North. Like Pitch, he’d never been to this area before. But, as he told Lou, rent was just too expensive for his Bermingham house. When an opportunity to stay in Collagesity North free of charge came up, he jumped on it. Baker Bloch, who he knew now was the same as Snowmanster, would never be far away; a great buddy to have around. Things didn’t work out in Purden in terms of being immediate neighbors. Maybe here they would.

Baker said for Woody to look for snow. Like Pitch, he’d know immediately which dwelling spot was his. And like the vampire, he fell in love with it at first sight.

Snow, but not *everywhere*, he cooed. “Just around the house. *Just* right.”

“And a snowman. Howdy snowie! What’s your name?” No answer. “Must be one of the static ones,” Woody rationalized. “Hmm, maybe we can take care of that later.” He continued to talk to the inanimate object. “Would you like to be a real live snowman, just like I became a real live toy?” Woody definitely saw promise in the figure. And at 3 prims (as he subsequently checked), he’s a steal of a deal.

He goes around the big rock and enters the house from the porch. Also like Pitch, he was warned that clutter would be around, and that if he didn’t like some of the provided decor, there was no problem in switching it out.

But what *wasn’t* to like so far? Woody thought while settling back into a Victorian steampunk chair. Okay, so maybe the space monkey will have to go, he admitted to himself, not knowing this was famed philosopher and art critic Cardboard Derek Jones, “away” at the time.

Upstairs: a bed and a computer table. View of the entrance to the Great Linden Wall. “Lovely.”

Tired from his day of moving, Woody gets some well deserved shut-eye.

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Darkly Manor

Pitch Darkly was the next to arrive in Collagesity. Baker Bloch excused himself from greeting him in person, saying he still had to tie some things up in VHC City connected with the rentals there. But Pitch had instructions. “Just go down the main avenue of town now from Robin Lane —  head directly south — and keep looking left for your *old* house,” Baker said. “Your new one will be directly behind it. You’ll know it’s yours. Trust me.” Baker then said to pardon some of the mess around, and that he and Baker Blinker are still working on Collagesity North.

Pitch followed Baker’s notes. “Soo… this must be the place. Looks promising!”

Pitch loved it already.

But he didn’t know who Peter was. Maybe this sign is part of the stuff they need to clean up. He found the small graveyard behind it rad, though.

Time to go inside. He opens the wrought iron gate and then the ebony front door.

“Yes, this will do very nicely. Most of the stuff here will have to go obviously.”

“Must be the secret door into the Blue Feather Club Baker told me about. How cool is this? I wonder if they have musical groups playing, or some other type of entertainment?”

“Three floors to the house. Three floors!” Pitch thought this might be a good children’s room, hehe. Mary should be arriving soon with Tronesisia. He can’t wait to show her the house. Much better than the Sister abode! he thought.

And Baker suggested that, being much smaller, Buster Damm could stay in the same, set up just outside. Buster had always admired this structure. Pitch will obviously have to remove his own portrait from within.

Pitch decides to explore the rest of the town.

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