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Just Walking Around 02

Collagesity South or Collagesity Proper — haven’t decided exactly what to call it yet — remains largely unchanged from before.

House Orange, Space Ghost’s former residence and also the site of Furry Karl’s previous bar before he moved up to SoSo Mall, is still empty. Possibilities, then.

We have a new entrance point for the SoSo galleries: Central Tower. Makes more sense now. 80 of the 100 collages of the “Art 10×10” exist within, with the only series missing being Greenup, the earliest completed. Fabulous. I simply couldn’t delete any of this mall, the heart of Collagesity in many ways, when shifting the town more toward the west. Baker Blinker now owns part of the land it occupies. So attached to the SoSo Mall are Norum (an Art 10×10 wing); Bodega Market and Karoz’s upstairs apt., if he still lives here; SoSo South (Art 10×10 wing); Starbuccaneers coffee shop; SoSo North (Art 10×10 wing); Central Tower; and Furry Karl’s new bar, Joker’s Wild. 7 buildings directly attached to it, then.

There’s land to the immediate south of the mall that could be used for development, but not a lot.

Poppy Pond still exists. Mary might find it a proper fishing hole when she returns. If she returns. I think she will.

Beside it, “City Hall” remains empty.

Duplicate Carrcassonnee in the South Gazebo. Which is real? Both? Neither? No answer coming from Carrcassonnee herself. Either one.

Entrance to a sealed off portion of the village (complete with seal) featured in “Collagesity 2017 Early” LINK.

Within: VWX Secret Society. More stories here fer sure.

Perch, Gloomy Gus, Blue Feather, Darkly Manor, Fal Mouth Moon from the forest.

It’s good to be back. 🙂

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Just Walking Around 01

Both Woody Woodmanson’s…

…and Pitch Darkly’s houses are smushed up right against the Fal Mouth Moon gallery, and on opposite sides. Interesting contrast of black and white abodes as well. Another yin-yang relationship, but not in an antagonistic way. I feel that Pitch and Woody might become the best of friends. Two refuges.

Another small structure wedged in between the still empty Stairs gallery and the mysterious Castle Knight. No one lives here currently.

The empty Stairs.

Temple of TILE, still being worked on by Karoz presumably. Baker Blinker and Karoz Blogger were conspicuously absent from the “Collagesity 2017 Early” novel just completed. Will they stay in Collagesity, or will they head back to Chilbo? And will we fictionally follow them there and see what they’re up to? Questions for upcoming Collagesity novels, because for certain they’ll be at least one or two more of ’em.

Carrcassonnee is within the temple, but Baker Blinker has found her largely unresponsive to questions in that position. Wheeler Wilson stated recently that Big C will not re-assume leadership of the community, which seems to mean that the former wants to gain control again. But will the townspeople let her? At any rate, Collagesity turns over a new leaf.

Starry ceiling of Castle Knight. I suppose we can say The Millers live here. LINK

New town map located to the south of this castle.

Buster Damm’s home, still unoccupied. Or is it?

(to be continued)

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