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After having finished inserting the Fal Mouth Moon Gallery into Collagesity North to basically complete the initial process of consolidating my town in the direction of the Great Rubi Woods, co-creators Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch had to do a double take at their available objects. 475 for each. The Bakers are equal in that respect.


Bakers was historically known as Bakers Station and Baker.[1] A post office was established as Bakers Station in 1875, renamed Baker in 1882, and remained in operation until it was discontinued in 1922.[2] The community was named for a member of the Baker family, the original owner of the town site.[3]

Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker then had to call in Wheeler to straighten up a portrait of Ted in Castle Knight across the street. Baker Blinker excused herself, saying she needed to check on Karoz.


“Oh Wheeler, what are we going to do with you?”

Without reply, Wheeler turns and fixes the portrait of Ted. “There, that should do it. And you mentioned something about a key shop?”

“Yes, just outside,” Baker Bloch directed.


“There,” Baker pointed out.

“I assume the rest is behind the wall.”

“Yeah. We were just in there. Finished up in the basement. Remarkably easy move for such a large and cumbersome structure. Tough to select some of the wonky prims it has. But isn’t it a beaut?”

“It’s unusual, I’ll give it that.”

“61 collages within. The largest (series) I — my user made. Our user. Falmouth.”

“Hmph,” she says, and twirls around in place again. “Tronesisia is overdue, I’ve heard. Maybe she’s changed her mind again about coming here. Happened once before on that bridge. Maybe it will happen again.”

“No. Mary will keep her on the straight and narrow this time.”

Wheeler laughs. Her nose even honks a bit. “Yeah, Mary is good at that. I’m glad she’s going to be around.”

“And how about *you*?” Baker then asks. “And The Musician of course. You guys started this whole (novel). Are you going to finish it together as well? Oh… speaking of which, I have something else to show you while you’re around.”

Wheeler didn’t get a chance to answer. Baker was on another tangent. “Follow me,” he said. “It’s easier to reach by flying down Old Cannon Road into the Rubi Woods and then circling back.

“Hold on. Let me delete the key shop real quick.”


“Very nice, eh? And fully furnished, just like it was up in Muff.”

“Coolie,” she says. “That’s very sweet of you to set this up. But don’t I technically still own the *entire* Blue Feather Club we’re hovering over the property of now? I believe I do. Am I correct?”

“Well, that could be. Depends on if you wish to return.”

“Big decision looming. The Musician is lost in the Chelsea, in effect. Trapped in the story of Nancy which didn’t take place. Strange that Ridgetop Tennessee used to be called Nancy. And that Bakers is just outside, the place where…”

“Another Syd and Nancy story happened,” Baker Bloch finished for Wheeler. “Except even more tragic.”

“Let’s go hang another portrait in my Castle Knight.”



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