Greater VHC City

“Catsocks (Catalpa-Tussock) sinkhole, Buster. This is where VHC City and its Chelsea hit a new low.”

“Deal with the etheric Plane of Vampires.”

“Plan-*et*,” Pitch Darkly amended. “Planet of Vampires.”

“Or just (an airplane) full of vampires,” Buster tacked on. ‘Or all three or any combo of two of the three.”

“Or none at all,” added Pitch Darkly.

“I always thought it to be a planet sized meteor, Pitch.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Buster.”


On the opposite side of VHC City from the sinkhole, Wheeler was attempting to sit on a bench in a small Saturnia park with little luck.

On a large, smooth rock beside the bench she found a jar of fireflies and a book describing what appeared to be a town in the Lapara sim, also located on the Heterocera continent but considerably north of VHC City. Owner of the book (and town?): Clare Nova.

While she studied the text and photos within, Wheeler heard and then saw a tautly physiqued shark coming up the hill toward her from the direction of Saturnia’s Muscle Madness store. Not Clare but Orange, the brother. Yet another Nova.

Wheeler stood her ground and got ready to transform. Would this work?

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