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Greg and Gregg

“Interrupted your little party you were planning tonight, did I Baker Bloch? Thought you were going to start the Greg Ogden story without me, did you? You and your fancy town here. I have a town too. Would you like to see?”

Not staring at it, Greg Ogden turned toward Baker Bloch on the couch, who is also looking away. “Which one of us is *real*??” he demands.

“Don’t do that.”

Unseen artwork upstairs (“Hidden Vilage”).

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Gregg Oden glances over at the second redbird he’s seen tonight before entering Audrey’s.

“Ahh, a fellow greenie,” Gregg directs toward Terry in a high, wispy voice. “I just saw you today. Terry the Royal Prince. West Virginia. Don’t remember?”

Not answering, Terry just stares at the strange green man with seaweed hair and pink tutu.

“Would you like to see something?” Gregg then asks. “Then you will be mine and I will be yours, Royal Prince. A Redbird for the Blue Jay.” Gregg pulls up his tutu and shoots a blinding light toward the bartender from beneath.

Baker Bloch should have seen it coming, pheh.

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Baker Bloch decides to pay a visit to new guy Greg, who is actually, beneath it all, old gal Chroma. He’s heard of a new artwork, a seed it’s been called.

Wall of Jasper, he thinks after teleporting up and looking over at Norum. And Jacob I. trapped within still, the dreamer. That will change soon. Collagesity must prepare.

Wheeler Wilson shows up as well. “Who am I playing tonight?” he quickly starts.


“Okay,” he then says after changing appropriately. “And who are you?”

Baker shows him.

“Ahh, Old Gregg.”

“New Greg, actually. Greg Ogden, not Gregg Oden. And he’s got a fresh piece of art he wants us to see. Don’t expect much. He’s too obsessed with regularity and symmetry to be a successful artist.”

“We better get into character,” suggests Wilson-as-Baker. “What are you looking at?”

“Sh-t,” he says.

Baker sighs. “We better see what he’s up to.”

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