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Now Mr. Babyface really likes Simple Wunderlich’s snapshot from Ichelus upstairs, depicting its famous volcano. He makes a note to visit soon, perhaps even before he returns to Hana Lei. The picture corresponds with the sim map here as well.

And on the other wall, the totally water Redazillion.

He’s good here; no rules broken that he can tell of.

“I’m Gregg Oden. I live downstairs.”

A startled Mr. Babyface turns around to face his neighbor.

“I like Baileys in a shoe,” he continues. “Do you like Baileys?” Through his panic, Mr. Babyface was thinking this dude looks a lot like Rick James.


Meanwhile, Baker Bloch discovered Terry in a bad place at Audrey’s Bar after he left Gregg Oden’s desire for love unrequited. The Bakers would have to find a new bartender, but probably all for the best, since Rocky Raccoo seemingly won’t be coming to Collagesity after all — staying in Olde Lapara Towne. Baker Bloch uses the bar’s phone to call up Greg Ogden at his father’s place in Farmington.

“Good news, sir. Gregg with the extra ‘g’ won’t be needing the apartment after all.” The man at the other end of the line yelped so loud in joy that Baker had to back the receiver off his ear.

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Who are these weirdos downstairs? Mr. Babyface thinks while reloading his pipe with Red Dragon and staring at the latest Sunklands post. He *should* be thinking about how to extract his nephew from the Land of Hana Lei, but his thoughts keep drifting back to the walls of his apartment. Qui Quon here…

… Jharmelion behind. He’s read the rental lease a couple of times now. Paraphrasing, it states that you are to leave the Korean Channel wall maps intact and also not cover the *land* parts with furniture or decorations or risk facing a fine. Water’s okay (minus the sim titles), and why he can get away with repositioning his media player atop the totally liquid Qui Quon. No solid ground atall in that sim. He’s pushing the limit, though, with Jharmelion and the couch he sits upon — right against the shoreline.

Mr. Babyface also wants to trade out this picture of the Lordshore bridge if possible.

The Lordshore wall is 2 floors below him, in that Greg or Gregg’s apartment — whichever. I hope landlord Baker Bloch makes a decision on which Greg or Gregg will survive in Collagesity soon, he thinks. Or perhaps Baker Blinker will make the choice? He’s still unsure of the Bakers’ relationship with each other. Married? Siblings? Unrelated?

He goes upstairs to double-check the maps there for compliance while he’s thinking about it.

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