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Falmouth Visit, Top

Jacob I. understands that collages exhibited in Falmouth gallery’s top 3 floors don’t apply to the present situation, so he quickly moves through them to this perch on floor 6, offering a great view into the Rubi Woods.

Through his increased draw distance, he realizes he can *just* make out the large tree at his user’s friend Pearl Grey’s property in Rosieri, the sim southwest of Rubi. It reminds him that Baker Bloch needs to go over to her Wanderlust Art Gallery on the Sansara continent and change the texture out on his displayed collage there for the Jan./Feb. exhibit. The recently completed “SpicA” comes immediately to mind as a candidate. Here’s a link describing Pearl’s Nov./Dec. exhibit that’s wrapping up.

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Falmouth Visit Floor 3

Once more, Jacob I. peers between floors.

He notes the similarity of 12 sided figure in Falmouth 21 on floor 2 and the 3d geometric shape of Falmouth 31 in front of him.

He approaches Falmouth 31. The yellow ball Cartoon Paul McCartney (Paul McCartooney) shares with or offers skirt wearing Ms. Lady — yet another “12 Oz Mouse” character — is Earie again, the yellow member of Story Room. Like in the cemetery before with Danny watching on. Third eye ball. Eyeball. Yellow like the billiard ball of Falmouth 18. The one at the top of the 10 part tetractys triangle.

And then *this* whopper of a collage: Stonethwaite again (Falmouth 32/33). Jacob I. decides to basically leave this one alone for tonight. He doesn’t sense the needed portal within, although he can tell it provides some very important clues and tips of how to proceed afterwards.

The interior of Stonethwaite End and Restaurant (Falmouth 35; 2 part animation). We’re getting close! he realizes.

The final 2 collages of Falmouth’s floor 3 also contain some interesting imagery…

… but it’s Falmouth 36 immediately preceding them that draws his focus presently.

This is where we’ll enter, he understands. Already prepared. He’ll relay all of his findings here to Broken Heart Jackie in the morning.

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Falmouth Visit Floor 2

“Ahh, Stonethwaite,” Jacob I. coos when encountering Falmouth 2o on floor 2. “Or quite close — the fabulous Greenup Gill valley just south.” A collage of two photos from that region here, with “The Shining’s” dart throwing Danny, a prostrate Mr. Bean, and others helping to glue them together.

Story Room again (Falmouth 22, a 4 part animation),  joined in another peculiar way now.

Falmouth 23: Jacob I. feels more meaning here as well. A strolling Sherwood Anderson of “Winesburg, Ohio” fame in center, a posed 19th U.S. president Rutherford B. Hayes in upper right. Another county implied: Sandusky in Ohio, home to both. A direct descendant of President Hayes use to drive darts into his Mouse Island just north of it.

Jacob I. decides to manifest a Phillip Linden doll to help him ponder the meaning of Falmouth 23. “My user enters a portal behind or beside the grave of Annie,  standing for animation.”

But the concept blew Phillip’s mind.

Famouth 24: There is a pattern here. Hayes again. Images from “The Shining” once more. Shark and Fitz from “12 Oz Mouse” — which he’s viewed now in its 3 hour movie format. Clock as well. 2:37 I suppose. Now 15 minutes beyond the 2:22 slice of time that Fitz was stuck in at his Cardboard City for the majority of the film. Like Phil of “Groundhog Day.” “1 Pink.”

And then Stonethwaite itself in Falmouth 26 (!). Stonethwaite End and Restaurant to be exact, the place where, let’s see, I suppose Chroma could have run this, Jacob ruminates. He’ll have to check…

More Stonethwaite in Falmouth 27 and 28 that follows…

… and more in Falmouth 29/30 to finish up floor 2. A type of diptych for this one, he thinks.

“My user”, he says aloud. “Staring at the transfigured end of that railroad tunnel in Devizes, England.” On the bridge. A place of accosting. Man shaped like small tank. Escape. But both roommate there and the roommate’s landlord now dead in the ensuing 4 1/2 years.

And to the left: Peanut once more from “12 Oz Mouse”. “Hmm,” Jacob I. utters again. “The Gaeta V continent is shaped like a peanut. I wonder what *that* might mean? What are the 2 Peanut images — darted, hatted regular and undarted, unhatted cubic versions — discussing here?”

Onward to floor 3…


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Falmouth Visit Floor 1

Jacob I. was talking to guitar strumming Tom Busker about Collagesity town history when he noticed that the entrance to Home Orange had, to his eyes anyway, turned a bright yellow instead. However in this photo it appears orange again. Strange, perhaps…

But his main goal tonight involved visiting the Falmouth gallery and looking at Stonethwaite related collages within. He’d finished examining the Greenup series in House Greenup over in Rubi. The experiment with bringing Wheeler and The Musician to England’s Lake District through its 13th collage had seemingly failed, doubled beds blocking the way (I *told* them to wait until I found the empty base photo, he steams again). Jacob I. was angling for another way in — he could *feel* the entrance or portal here without knowing the particulars yet.

“Story Room,” he mutters while pausing at Falmouth 11 within. Headless red and blue, with yellow topped instead by that of Charlie Brown’s. Chuck. In other words: Chroma, Improvio, and Earie. “EAR” between yellow legs indicating playing or composing (keyboards) by ear. And many third eye references in this collage, he thinks…

… including  a hidden one on the forehead of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, tucked between the legs of the red Story Room guy. Jacob I. will find an exposed version of this particular third eye image a little later on.

He thinks of the collages he’s just viewed: Falmouth 7-10. 11 represents a culmination of sorts so far. He feels the explosive collision of Volkswagen Beetle and approaching, low flying plane just behind in 10. But that is not the portal… nor this one.

Nor this one (Falmouth 13, set in Blue Mountain, his user’s real life home).

Nor this one (Falmouth 16, set in Mythopolis, where his user grew up as a kid before moving to Blue Mountain to attend college).

He moves this collage further away from the wall to keep the south side of Woody’s snow covered roof from penetrating it. He notes that the penetration obscured the tear drop shaped orange head of what he knew to be an Ancient One, here tromping through the woods away from alt Edwardston Resident with matching orange head (hair). Missing orange again, hmm…

And here’s that exposed Carl Jung and his third eye I mentioned before in Falmouth 18, along with another, similar 3rd eye related image from the Sgt. Pepper album cover — male bust statue — and also a Shirley Temple figurine and burning car from same. Can you spot all of ’em? The background images are of a golf course (top) and neighboring waterfall (bottom) in Sky Valley, Georgia, just for the record. Jacob. I. knows the latter represents the “discarded”, numerical aspect of TILE, summarized by the Pythagorean tetractys with number 1 at the top or head (yellow billiard ball here).

Jacob I. wonders about the relationship of images glimpsed between floors even, like the third eye manifested in a cemetery in Falmouth 03 on the basement floor. This is obviously Story Room again — red, yellow, blue.

He ponders the meaning of the county map in the middle of Falmouth, highlighting the namesake village of Jasper County, Illinois — a very nondescript, depopulated rural area, and a place which his user has never visited. However, Jacob I. has since found out that baker b. *did* know someone from that county, and they met online, as they say, by accident. Dean is his name. More on that later, perhaps.

Onward to floor 2…

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