Falmouth Visit Floor 3

Once more, Jacob I. peers between floors.

He notes the similarity of 12 sided figure in Falmouth 21 on floor 2 and the 3d geometric shape of Falmouth 31 in front of him.

He approaches Falmouth 31. The yellow ball Cartoon Paul McCartney (Paul McCartooney) shares with or offers skirt wearing Ms. Lady — yet another “12 Oz Mouse” character — is Earie again, the yellow member of Story Room. Like in the cemetery before with Danny watching on. Third eye ball. Eyeball. Yellow like the billiard ball of Falmouth 18. The one at the top of the 10 part tetractys triangle.

And then *this* whopper of a collage: Stonethwaite again (Falmouth 32/33). Jacob I. decides to basically leave this one alone for tonight. He doesn’t sense the needed portal within, although he can tell it provides some very important clues and tips of how to proceed afterwards.

The interior of Stonethwaite End and Restaurant (Falmouth 35; 2 part animation). We’re getting close! he realizes.

The final 2 collages of Falmouth’s floor 3 also contain some interesting imagery…

… but it’s Falmouth 36 immediately preceding them that draws his focus presently.

This is where we’ll enter, he understands. Already prepared. He’ll relay all of his findings here to Broken Heart Jackie in the morning.

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