Falmouth Visit Floor 2

“Ahh, Stonethwaite,” Jacob I. coos when encountering Falmouth 2o on floor 2. “Or quite close — the fabulous Greenup Gill valley just south.” A collage of two photos from that region here, with “The Shining’s” dart throwing Danny, a prostrate Mr. Bean, and others helping to glue them together.

Story Room again (Falmouth 22, a 4 part animation),  joined in another peculiar way now.

Falmouth 23: Jacob I. feels more meaning here as well. A strolling Sherwood Anderson of “Winesburg, Ohio” fame in center, a posed 19th U.S. president Rutherford B. Hayes in upper right. Another county implied: Sandusky in Ohio, home to both. A direct descendant of President Hayes use to drive darts into his Mouse Island just north of it.

Jacob I. decides to manifest a Phillip Linden doll to help him ponder the meaning of Falmouth 23. “My user enters a portal behind or beside the grave of Annie,  standing for animation.”

But the concept blew Phillip’s mind.

Famouth 24: There is a pattern here. Hayes again. Images from “The Shining” once more. Shark and Fitz from “12 Oz Mouse” — which he’s viewed now in its 3 hour movie format. Clock as well. 2:37 I suppose. Now 15 minutes beyond the 2:22 slice of time that Fitz was stuck in at his Cardboard City for the majority of the film. Like Phil of “Groundhog Day.” “1 Pink.”

And then Stonethwaite itself in Falmouth 26 (!). Stonethwaite End and Restaurant to be exact, the place where, let’s see, I suppose Chroma could have run this, Jacob ruminates. He’ll have to check…

More Stonethwaite in Falmouth 27 and 28 that follows…

… and more in Falmouth 29/30 to finish up floor 2. A type of diptych for this one, he thinks.

“My user”, he says aloud. “Staring at the transfigured end of that railroad tunnel in Devizes, England.” On the bridge. A place of accosting. Man shaped like small tank. Escape. But both roommate there and the roommate’s landlord now dead in the ensuing 4 1/2 years.

And to the left: Peanut once more from “12 Oz Mouse”. “Hmm,” Jacob I. utters again. “The Gaeta V continent is shaped like a peanut. I wonder what *that* might mean? What are the 2 Peanut images — darted, hatted regular and undarted, unhatted cubic versions — discussing here?”

Onward to floor 3…


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