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“I produced this album back in the early 00’s, one of my first gigs! Progressive math rock band called Chalcedony! Aren’t they just the dreamiest!?”

“I suppose, David! My legs kind of hurt now! Can we go to the juicebar!”

“In a minute, doll! Here’s a passage I always play on air guitar! Dig this!”

“Oh Lord,” Lisa said just below the level of the blaring music. “Will this night never end?”


Morning came. Was Lisa the Vegetarian Smipson still there?

What do you think?


“I tell you, Linda. I have half a notion just to sail over to New Island and grab Fisher and plant a big wet one on him and then drag him back here, full painting in tow of course.” She took another drag off her limeaid.

“1000000 lindens?”, fellow vegetarian Linda Halsey guessed at the price once more. “1000500?” Her estimates had been steadily increasing all morning while Lisa continued shaking her head. As the sun rose, so did the worth. She was slightly perspiring now, so excited she was about the possibilities. “*I* could be your lover, Lisa, for all that dough.”

“It’s the paint,” Lisa then explained. “The red half of the violin was painted with a mixture of powdered pigment, rabbit skin glue, and blood. But particular blood. That of the maker’s wife who died in childbirth.”

“You don’t say…”

“And about the green side — even weirder. But I can’t talk about that right now.”

“I know!” her bright, blonde friend then exclaimed. “Vulcan!”

Dang, thought Lisa. She’d said too much.

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Artist, actor, producer David Newton Jaspers ponders his future in Adgatetown and sees it is good.

Except for one, glaring omission. He doesn’t have a significant other. David believes that’s about to change, what with his good looks, charms, and wiles.

He’s got his eyes on a yellow girl who recently sailed in from New Island over at what they call the Omega continent. But he presently can’t see her…

… if only because of the interceding Linden plumeria bush.

Despite coming from afar, she’s actually Corsican through and through. He likes that about her. He wants to be the same. David Jaspers. A man who can’t possibly lose. Until he does.

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