Ruby Room

Ruby was trying to figure out which door from the main parlor of the house led to the laboratory when a large, naked man manifested before her, seemingly taunting her to speak. Knowing no harm could come of the situation, Ruby still quickly pointed out that nudity was banned from the property, the sim as a whole in fact. Then man then told the girl the he had voided his contract with Madame Silver and the whole lot of you Rubyites could go f-ck themselves. With this declaration, Ruby was hoping he would leave, but instead the hulking blonde began playing the harp, which afforded her the edited photo below.

The 5 doors in the room began opening and closing willy nilly around them.

The many cats on or around the ruby floor became agitated, with some starting to dart about aimlessly.

A voice boomed from above. “Looking for a way into the laboratory Young Ruby?” It was Madame Silver. The man at the harp suddenly burst into flames, then was gone, not even ash upon the floor. “This is what happens when you void a contract with me. This is my warning.”

Ruby later suspected that the man might also be Madame Silver, incarnated just to prove this point.

The cats settled down a bit again, not looking as anxious. A single, wooden door creaked opened. The way to the laboratory, Ruby inferred.

Then another directly in front of her as she passed through the first.

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