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But is she really that evil? Instead of just… well, *split*?

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“*We* could have given him riches,” protesteth Jeffrie Phillips back in Teepot. “Jewels, diamonds, the lot.”

Peter pauses. “You did.”

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Duncan finds himself naked and aware in a sim of his own name. 128, 128 of course.

He stands before the Pearly Gate.

Peter thumbs through the great book. “Let’s see. Oh yes. ‘Avocado, Duncan William.’ You may pass through. Job well done.”


Reward (just the beginning).

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Head of Crow.

But I’m afraid meditating Freddy (The Freditator) may be facing the wrong direction.

Let’s journey downward into the Heart.

This is far enough for tonight.


Later, meditating Freddy becomes mesmerized by a 12 sided shadow in the ocean on the other side of the sim.

Or is it 13?

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