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Is the window open…

or closed?


She closed the window, satisfied that the smell was coming from the other direction.

She faced the opposite way.

Better get downstairs.

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“This will be the time that does him in. He will have to go there *physically* after that. Only way to really explore the place, this Necksity. He has gone too far, found too many things. He can now…”

“Don’t say it.”

“Anyway. (pause) This is the place.”


“Nah. It’s not *that* kind of neck pain. It’s a bit of an infection, yes, but…”

“Don’t say it.”

“*Anyway*. This is still the place. But it’s not Necksity. *That* Necksity.”

“Then *what*?”


“A limit, yes. A limit, true. We are not even baker b. and Hucka D. any longer. New WES is WES but not WES. Something new.”

Quickly: “I gathered that.”

“Two shacks in the center of town.”


(pause) “We can’t be just nowhere spirits, talking in the void. Take us to at least the White Palace.”

“Yes, *somewhere*,” requests the other. But who were they? I guess that’s the point. So I brought him back.


“What are you *doing* here. We have a whole *kingdom* to run over there.”

“Queendom,” she partially corrected her brother. He was drinking through his rainbow sphere covered head again. She thought nothing of it, seeing the act for years. Eating, drinking, even, well, other things. Smoking. A lot of smoking. This was another Joint Joint and that’s a fact. Beside the Rhino Club, even. “It *has* to be Gaston reborn as well,” she spoke on the subject. Dare they go into the other room? Will *he* be there? They kept delaying, chatting about other things. Catching up in general. It had been months since the two siblings had seen each other. All was not well in Rosehaven. Winter is coming.

“You go running off here and there,” the brother kept complaining. “To Sunklands… to *here*. Why Jeogeot? Why return back to that particular continent? Is it Pietmond?” he then queried. “Sunklands as a whole?” But he said it as if all the letters were capitalized. SUNKLANDS, then.

“SUNKLANDS, yes,” his sister then realized. That’s why she’d redonned the golden map mask. Bach… Goldberg Variations. Is this a *gold* town, then? Or some other metal. One way to find out…


“Ok, he’s not here,” says a mainly relieved Ingo, King of Rosehaven. But a shared kingdom. Half queendom. They joked about the name all the time. Before she started her travels at least.

“No,” she stated plainly, not as relieved, and looked around the back room of the joint. A place to buy drugs, yes. Better get her brother out of here asap.

But someone *was* here.

*But*. Could they see him? Could *we* see him? (yes)

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just new

She stared across the road at them; they stared back.

The Owl and the Rhino.

She had acquired a name for the town: Necksity. After a neck. Someone’s neck. Wonder who?

She had to make another purchase in town to find out. She was a *spy*. Excitement!

There was a strange smell to the place. She opened a window in back for air. Vacant lot behind.

A lift directly behind the rowhouse just rented that goes down to nowhere. Just grass beneath here. The megaburg is still being built in its various levels; a work in progress.

Better get the little devils over. Another town for them to take, um, down.


But turns out the correct group to rez objects could not be joined tonight. Frustration. Her neck began to hurt, and not for the last time.

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