wedding 02

Barefoot Toothpick had a dream that night. The overalls were removed again. He was walking across a field of delicious green grass that should be a paved, car filled street toward a building that would answer it all. Instead it was full of playing kids and supervising parents who were also having fun, shrugging away the burden of responsibility for the time being. Fun. Toothpick should be having that too. But he had other things to do he knew were both right and wrong at the same time. It was as if truth were suspended in mid-air before him off a bridging pole.

The location? Picton, but it wasn’t called that any longer, not after this festival or whatever it is. The name was now Pict on Pict, short for Picture on Picture, a new blog category. Heck, let’s just call it Picturetown, or maybe Frametown if we draw out a bit more. But we can’t right this moment because of the setting, blackness or the abyss all around. Picturetown it is.

Elberta meets him near the threshold. Certain Death is both at the front window and nearer the door, another 2n1 situation since time is overlapping here again (Munday = Sunday + Monday). She knew she’d have to lose the body to go inside. They hold hands.

Not what they were expecting.


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4 responses to “wedding 02

  1. veyot

    I have waited three days for the first picture to appear, but maybe it’s all part of your plan to leave it blank like that. The only clue I find in the story is ” But we can’t right this moment because of the setting, blackness or the abyss all around.”

  2. Oops. Burp in the upload. Try it now.

      • I read the whole new photo-novel last night. It’s really abstract, but I think the plot and characters still make sense if you view them as in constant flux. One main location helps, and I guess since it ends in a wedding you would call this a “comedy” in a classic sense. Hopefully it’s also funny, ha. But it’s very fluid, and longer than most (26,781 words as I’m now checking). There was also some strange symmetries between parts of the novel here that I might get into later in a post. Link here:

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